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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Free|Download|Launcher 7 – Donate v1.1.14.15 ( Android Apk App

Launcher 7 – Donate v1.1.14.15

Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android Apps | Android Market | Marketappz.blogspot.com: Varies device

Overview: Ad-free version of Launcher 7.



- 1×1, 2×1 1×2 tiles configurable colors

- Widgets a tile! (provided widget fits)

- Almost real tile animation

- Almost real tile re-arrange mode

- Almost real status bar

- Animated contacts tile (supports G+ synced contacts)

- Pinnable contact-tile which animates real phone

- Folder tiles

- Webpage tiles

- Picture hub (use care, it needs memory!!!!)

- Filterable application list

- Stock wp7- colors color selection

What’s t version:

- Fix folder tile not animat properly

- Hungarian Brazilian translations updated

- Several crash fixes including might happen at startup when l-directory no read permissions

- fixes startup-crash 2.x which was present earlier version

T app NO advertisements

More Info:




You Are Now Read Free|Download|Launcher 7 – Donate v1.1.14.15 ( Android Apk App Permalink Url http://marketappz.blogspot.com/2012/09/freedownloadlauncher-7-donate-v111415_29.html
Hope This Free|Download|Launcher 7 – Donate v1.1.14.15 ( Android Apk App Make You happy.