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Monday, October 1, 2012

Free|Download|BToolkit: Bluetooth Manager v1.0.5

unnamed.jpg Ҩ Ҩ Scan to find Bluetooth devices. Ҩ Attach each device of contacts. Easy access to ir stored data. Ҩ Manage list of devices will: sort m, filter m by type, by name, find whichever want... Ҩ Share favorite pictures music contacts. even share own contacts via Bluetooth, exp network! Ҩ Real monitor of device broadcast signals, see m vary! Ҩ FEATURES Ҩ Continuous scan: Ҩ - Scan. Search devices until stop maximum configured scann reached. Ҩ - If exit application when scann quickly return through notifications menu. Ҩ - devices found will be added to list. Lost devices will stay until delete m. Ҩ Bluetooth setts: Ҩ - Turn communication via Bluetooth off whenever want. Ҩ - Setup change device's name. Ҩ - self visible long decide to configure devices find . Note: device have maximum limit. Ҩ Attach devices to contacts: Ҩ - attach detach a device to a contact anytime want. Ҩ - Easy access to inmation stored phone contact. Ҩ Manage devices list: Ҩ - Sort devices by por signal, name, etc. Ҩ - Show devices are contacts, are available, etc. Ҩ - Show mobile devices, PCs, etc. Ҩ - Search devices by name by name of ir attached contact. Ҩ Share personal files any Bluetooth device ( experimental mode): Ҩ - Pair devices previously it momentarily to share inmation. Ҩ - Share video, audio pictures. Even share own contacts anor device. Ҩ Monitorize any device: Ҩ - If device visible via Bluetooth, watch how its por signal varies through while scan. Ҩ Bluetooth dem: Ҩ - Use application Bluetooth communication disabled if are not going to use any operation requires it. Ҩ - Bluetooth communication will activate when application starts if configure it , orwise it will be enabled whenever an action needs it permed. Ҩ also: Ҩ - Timers to show remain of scann remain of device be visible. Ҩ - Legend of icons application. Ҩ play: Ҩ Ҩ

https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...droid.btoolkit Ҩ DOWNLOAD: Ҩ http://www.directmirror.com/files/18ZJ5RR3 Ҩ

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