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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Free|Download|Cut the Rope: Experiments v1.1.6

Ҩ Description Ҩ C ropes to feed Om Nom help Professor through wacky experiments! Ҩ C Rope: Experiments a follow-up to ZeptoLab's award-winn mobile C Rope, features familiar little monster Om Nom who discovered mad (b not bad) scientist determined to study candy-loving behavior through a series of experiments. Ҩ C ropes, move robo arms, release candy into Om Nom's mh, shiny gold stars, unlock levels. Ҩ Join millions of people around globe help Professor Om Nom get through se wacky experiments! Ҩ Key Features: Ҩ - 150 experiments (levels) across 6 colorful setts, more to come! Ҩ - 6 level packs: Gett Started, Shoot Candy, Sticky Steps, Rocket Science, Bath , Handy Candy Ҩ - play elements rope guns, suction cups, rockets, water, robo arms! Ҩ - storyline featur commentary from Professor Ҩ - Find hidden evidence Professor’s album share it Facebook Twitter Ҩ - achievements leaderboards - compare progress to rope cters around world! Ҩ Requirement:android 1.6 up Ҩ 's t version: Ҩ Unleash superpors of Om Nom! Use Telekinesis to control candy, it unbreakable hidden stars! Ҩ play store link: Ҩ Ҩ

https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ts.google.paid Ҩ download link:http://www.directmirror.com/files/HIHXKCOX

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Hope This Free|Download|Cut the Rope: Experiments v1.1.6 Make You happy.