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Monday, October 8, 2012

Free|Download|My Budget Book v3.1 (3.1) Android Apk App

 My Budget Book v3.1

All expenses at a glance.

My Budget Book not a normal household accounts book.

T app helps keep track of expenditures earns manage money more effectively.

Use individual transfers standing orders feature to get an idea of expenses over next couple of months see how much money have available to spend. The app also gives a graphi overview of inmation, mak it easier to plan (larger) purchases over up-com months.

We know it feels to want to buy something b not know wher afd it. Use My Budget Book to see current balance ll how many bills have to pay bee end of month.


Easy access. No internet connection required – No registration!

Available 10 languages (At moment moment app language based telephone setts).

See t month’s balance when app starts up.

The graphi overview perfect plann expenses over upcom of months.

Customize overview by chang number of past fure months are displayed.

Manage more than account – Record earns expenses across accounts.

Visualise statistics a table graph see where money gone by categorising earns expenses.

Filter earns expenses according to months, quarters whole years.

Use porful search function to look specific expenses / periods.

Carry balance over into next month.

Manage standing orders plan ahead upcom months.

Create templates to inpt expenses even easier.

Add furr main sub-categories to get a better overview of expenses

Use notepad to monitor important expenses.

Protect data by activat password protection.

Export data HTML CSV Format ( an SD card).

Create backups lose data.

Import exist data using CSV import function (Just move CSV file to folder “SDCard/My Budget Book” import it via app setts (Import of mats will be made available by request).

What’s t version : (Updated : Oct 7, 2012)

Transactions templates now be copied via cont menu.

Transactions now be used a template via cont menu.

The main category will be displayed addition to transaction, if it a sub-category.

Various optimizations.

Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Release By chathu





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